Cancun Diving

Cancun has been underrated for diving. But it is part of a an amazing coral reef system, the mesoamerican barrier. 

The greatness of Cancun diving is that there are different underwater types of environment.  For the beginner diver, there are several fantastic coral reef shallow sites and the museum dive at depths 30ft. 11mts. where learning to scuba dive becomes a voyage to another world,  a close interaction with Cancun coral ecosystems and the life that develops among them.
For certified divers Cancun offers diving coral reef drift, 45ft to 60ft depth. These reef areas are very populated by many species that develop in the area.
For more experienced divers 

Cancun has 2 wreck sites at 75ft. to 80ft. depth, these dives are great to practice skills for the Wreck or Deep diving specialties, and the deep dive for the Advanced Open Water Course. Cancun dives are drift dives, and may be part of your self designed dive package.
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