Cavern Diving

Cavern Diving is available at areas surrounding Cancun.  The areas floors are limestone that filter water and create the biggest natural underwater cave system in the world. 
The Mayan considered caverns " sacred wells "and depended on them.  Today these fresh water "sink holes" are the door to another world have become very popular among divers from all over the World. ( for more information click here: CAVERN DIVING)
Cavern and Cave Diving are not the same, a cavern dive is defined by the penetration of light. A cave dive is completely dark. Cave Diving specific training and equipment is needed to be able to dive the Caves.  Cavern Diving's only requierement is to be an Open Water Certified Diver with some diving experience, please contact us for more information on the subject. Cave Diving is available.
Choose Cavern Diving as a part of your self customized dive package or your advanced open water course
Dive Logistics:
Round trip transportation
Entrance fee
Light Lunch
Cave Guide

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